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Amber Analysis has two staff members. Other associates work with them as and when required.


Libby Cooper

Libby Cooper, who is Director of Amber Analysis, has been working in the field of evaluation and organisational development for over twenty-five years. During the 1980’s, she lectured at North London University and founded and directed its Community Research Advisory Centre – an initiative that provided free technical assistance in research methods for voluntary organisations. From 1990, she was for eleven years the founder and Director of Charities Evaluation Services (CES), an organisation which grew out of an idea of the Home Office and a number of major donors with the intention of improving the effectiveness of voluntary organisations through the use of evaluation and quality assurance.

During her eleven-year period of tenure as Director, she established CES as a flourishing organisation with offices in Northern Ireland and Wales and England and gained considerable experience of working on government and corporate-funded development projects. Over the years, she has provided consultancy in twenty-five countries in Central and Eastern Europe, South and Central America, Africa and the UK, where she has:

Sue Blackmore

Sue Blackmore, Deputy Director of Amber Analysis, is a researcher, evaluator and project manager. During the course of her employment at Charities Evaluation Services (CES), she was involved in the management of a number of high-profile UK and internationally-based evaluation and research projects. From 2002 to the present, she has undertaken research and evaluations of a variety of projects in the UK, USA, Croatia and Romania (the details of which are included on the projects page). These range from small-scale project evaluations to large programme evaluations and national surveys. She has employed her research skills, from initial questionnaire design to data analysis in SPSS, Excel and NVIVO, and interviewing to final report writing. Sue has an MA in Evaluation and Social Research.

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